LUIS DIAZ ART | Cartoonist

GPKUG Fan CD with Eminem Parody Art

created in 2006.

THE PARODY KIDS™ originated with the GPKUG Fan CD created by the fans of the “GPK Underground” ( in 2006. It was the name of the parody album with a cover image of EMINEM that I reworked specifically for it. It took some months of work by the DJ (GPD) to create and edit the songs that were in the album. It was a blast. With every CD sold came a watercolor “Parody Kid” similar to the above card (though with less color and thinner paper stock at the time). 100 were sold altogether. I usually painted the first and last cards with more detail.

That was the start of the original “watercolor” sketch cards I did for fans of my work. I started out doing hundreds of each of these watercolor over printed ink art sketch cards and eventually went on to make a numbered character series (1-20 on the top right) with a more limited series edition of only 10. They were actually only limited to 12 cards if you include a color rough (blank number) and a zero card. The color rough blank was the first one I used as a sample or test card to base all the remaining 11 cards. They were all nearly identical, but if you put them in a slideshow you can see each one was individually colored.