I'm not a sheep.

They think I am, but I am not.

That is why I lost those clients.

I don't want to do any more Garbage Pail Kids.

That's what they expect.

I want to do comic books.

I want to do paintings.

Everyone is doing the same shit.

I don't want to be a trend.

I have to be creative.


Come up with something new.

Why did that guy say I remind him of that guy in Juxtapoz?

Fuck that guy.

I can't do the flyer.

I don't have time.

At least this guy paid me?

Why does he want a special price just cause he's giving me

more work?

If I had a super power I would be invisible.

I'd come up to that guy and slice his neck.

No one would know.

Why does my room mate say I remind her of Dexter?

My door lock says Dexter.

Why do I see these patterns.

I'm not special.

I just want to paint.

Why can't I just paint?

What do they want from me?

Garbage Pail Kids are going to sue me.

They don't want me anymore.

The fans hate me.

They are not my fans they only like that I can paint GPKs.

They don't like my other work.

I'm wasting so much time.

I hate Facebook.

An Illustrator

216” x 51”  (549cm x 130cm)