My bike needs air.

I can't do this 30 mile ride everyday.

My back is hurting.

I got a Metropass.

Never been on the Metrorail by myself.

Have to look hard.

That guy stinks.

I can't do this.

My brother thinks I'm a bum.

I'm so down.

I wish everything would go away.

Never thought about escaping.

What is everyone going to think?

Nobody cares.

Is this too cliche?

Everything is already done?

Are there any new art periods to belong to?

I don't want to be a stereotype.

I don't do drugs.

No I don't do drugs.

Never have.

I hate drinking.

I need a hug.

Why isn't everything perfect?

I thought I would be great.

If I knew it was going to be like this I would have done something else.

What is illustration?

I want to change the world.

I love the world.

They are gong to rob me.

I need to move my stuff again.

I need to get a van.

I am not perfect.

Do you know that!

I'm a gum that's been chewed up.

An Illustrator

216” x 51”  (549cm x 130cm)