I hate Illustration.

I can't believe they don't want to pay me what I asked for.

What am I worth? 

I hate freelancing.

They take advantage of me all the time.

Why is the music around me so loud?

Am I going to have enough money to pay my car?

What is Illustration?

What am I doing?

I can't believe I left this thing for the last minute.

Why am I always doing this to myself?

Am I going to snap?

I almost feel like leaving all this behind me.

Should I even write this?

Should I let people know? 

What will they think?

Nobody cares.

I put too much on my plate.

I can't pay for the apartment this month.

I'm so hungry.

What has Illustration done for me?

Why do my parents think I don't have a real job?

Why are there so many artists?

Is that why I'm not valued?

I thought I was special once.

No body cares.

I need to stop thinking.

I need to get on a schedule.

I love being up at night by myself.

The bank took my car away.

Need a moving van.

I have no money in the bank.

They haven't paid for the assignment yet.

Can't look desperate.

Credit card company is calling me everyday.

The other show has to go up.

An Illustrator

216” x 51”  (549cm x 130cm)